More About Me

Growing up outside of Fredericton, and moving to the city 15 years ago, I have always had a passion for people and sales. For several years, I provided excellent customer service for a jewelry business in Fredericton, as a sales associate and then as Manager; while completing a a Bachelor of Arts from STU; and then Bachelor of Business Administration at UNB Fredericton. After a move from the jewelry industry, I have dedicated my time to working in human services field supporting a team that serves the greater Fredericton areas.  Being a team manager also means building effective communication skills, and honing in on efficiencies. Real estate has always been an interest of mine and when the opportunity and time presented itself to pursue becoming a REALTOR®, I took the chance, and is excited to be joining the EXIT team. 

Working in Human Services has given me the edge to work in stressful situations when they arise, and to work diligently for clients and with other key players to achieve the end goal. The move to real estate was not a stretch, as the skills used in both industries, are not that much different especially when making the largest transaction of your life. Home purchases can often mean a new life chapter, and even when positive, can be emotional and feel overwhelming. Having someone that can navigate the difficult steps during that time, can be a life saver for a move. 

My goal as your REALTOR® is to be that trusting space to help you find the dream home, that fits your right now dream life!